Last week I had the chance to meet Chris Haslam who is currently on a Globe tour through Europe. I sat down with Chris after the session had ended and asked him to name his top ten tricks that he invented. He replied by saying that one can never be sure that a trick hasn’t been done before, so instead he gave me ten tricks he didn’t see anybody do before he did them.

First one that comes to mind is the one foot Frontboard shove-it out. I did this trick in my Almost Round 3 part. I saw Chris Cole do the one foot Frontboard on a flatbar and I thought it looked cool, so I went to the skatepark and learned the trick on the flatbar first. So then I wanted to bring the trick to a bigger obstacle, I went to a handrail and I just added the shove-it to the trick.

The next couple of tricks that come to my mind are the Frontboard hardflip out, Frontboard 360 Flip out and Frontboard Nollie BS Flip out, the first two where in my Almost Round 3 part and the last one was in my Globe United by Faith part, all filmed on the same rail.

Crooked to Backlip Flip out, I made that trick for my DECA part. I don’t know if kids will recognize it’s me but it is.

Number six would be the SW Heelflip wheelie facing backwards. I did the trick and tried to shoot a sequence of this. I was trying for hours but I couldn’t make the trick again. Fun fact: Danny Gonzales actually told me not to do this trick because he was working on the same thing…

Bigspinflip Frontboard on a handrail – this was just before Bastien Salabanzi came up and started doing this trick on the sickest shit. I can’t be sure I was the first though because I was in Canada and the internet hadn’t morphed into what it is now. Shot for a Tensor ad that could not be recovered from the internets archives.

I guess I have to explain a little bit about where the idea came from, I still watch a lot of old videos. They get me hyped to try new stuff – one of my favorite skaters is Julio De La Cruz and in this old New Deal video he basically displays all of his crazy flat ground combos. So for my Transworld Pro Spotlight I took his ideas of caspers and created my own version, the Varialflip back foot casper which was my ender for this particular part.

I guess the next one would be the BS Boardslide FS Flip out I did on the L.A. High rail. I guess a lot of my NBD’s have to do with flipping out of a Boardslide related trick (laughs).

I obviously saw the darkslide before on other obstacles like ledges and rails, and I even saw the stall on a quarterpipe before, but I had seen never anybody do a darkslide on tranny so I was pretty stoked that I did one for my Almost 5 incher part:

by Roland Hoogwater