Der Trailer zum Supreme Video “Cherry” ist seit ein paar Tagen online und Anlass für ausgeprägte Diskussionen über Sell out, Coredom und Hipstertum. Wir haben uns ein bißchen in den einschlägigen Foren herumgetrieben und uns für euch die besten 15 Quotes notiert – Ziemlich amüsant das Ganze:

“Kids are going to start dressing all kinds of funny after this video drops. Glad my local park is filled with alcoholics and older weirdos!”

“The teen-boppers be like,”Why is Supreme getting into skateboarding?”

“Only comes with orders valued at $150 or more before shipping”

“I hope this video isnt $80 and I hope I dont get vibed out trying to buy a copy.”

“If Gonz, Dill, Olsen, and (did I see Gillette?) are in it, then I’m on board.”

“Thank God. Keeping Supreme in skateboarding, where it belongs.”

“So sick. Na-Kel, Tyshawn, Dylan Rieder, Alex Olson, Kevin Bradley, Sage Elesser, all the homies. This video is going to be beast.”

“I remember watching a lot of bill strobeck’s videos and his more recent ones. The vibe that he creates in his videos are unlike any other and get you so pumped to skate. Hyped for it to come out!”

“Only 30 copies are being made and will be released every thursday with a different cover until they are all gone!”

“It’s going to be fucking awesome.”

“Y’all dumb for caring about skateboarding this much. Get a coffee, do a front shove and watch cherry.”

“Fat Bill is filming it, so it’s bound to be rad. Who gives a shit if it has Supremes name on it. So long as they don’t sell it for £70.”

“Heard they’re only going to make four copies of it and release one per season.”

“I hope they do the entire video split into two windows so i can see half of every trick.”

“What a “waste” of amazing footage. I think I re-watched a million times but still missed a lot of stuff that went down. Bummer.”