It was roughly 4 weeks ago that our very own Malte Spitz got the thumbs up from Austyn Gillette and Globe Skateboarding. Once the go was given the Dover started his trip, not from England, but across the ocean it sailed to the city once separated in two by ideology. In Berlin, it landed first in the hands and later on the feet of the Potsdamer. “Passt Schon Gut Wa!” It wasn’t long after that we started our 3-day Spitztour through the German Capital.

Written by Roland Hoogwater.
Film & Edit by Louis Marschall.

Since said Austyn joined the Globe squad and dropped his own updated version of the Dover Chelsea boot style slip-on we had been wondering what it would skate like. We had seen some of our friends like Vladik Scholz trying their shoes out and liking them. But that didn’t mean much to Malte as he is one of those people that like to both try new things, talk shit about things (often ironically) & skate his shoes to shit, a.k.a. a good person to get an opinion from.

“The first moments were a bit weird, I was coming off of some Old Skools and these looked and felt different from those but at the same time, they work” Malte mentioned on the first day. We asked our friend Florian Nass who is on his second pair of Globe shoes and like Mr. Spitz, he said they were different but good to go right out of the box.

I think the Dover’s enjoyed the first few days the most, traveling through the city and visiting classic spots like Kulturforum & Gleissdreieck. Malte also showed them his local slappy spot and a little bump where together they hit a nice little backside flip.

It felt like after the filming part was done the Dovers and Malte grew even closer, they are still skating together, recently commenting “We didn’t think it would last this long but this thing we have has held up for over 4 weeks now.” I am not sure how long you and your shoes’ relationship lasts but mine mostly doesn’t make it out of week 3, after that, it usually becomes this “It is not you, it is me.” thing and we both go our separate ways.

So, not only are the Dovers still in Berlin, they enjoyed the tour and decided to extend their stay. We hope they stick around for a while longer, although recently Malte has let slip that he might be looking for a fresh pair, just don’t tell the originals that he is looking for a younger pair :S