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Vans is a company that has invested a lot in their skate program and 2021 is the year they sow what they seeded. With first the German, Austrian & Swiss teams joining each other to produce “Going Nowhere” under the guidance of Max Pack. We now get a presentation from the South-West of Europe. With team management by a legend in Roberto Alemañ the Spanish and Portuguese teams delivered the goods. We like cross-pollination and thus we celebrate the inclusion of Joscha Aicher & Martino Cattaneo amongst others to show that Vans is not only built out of teams in countries but when the situation allows they also skate all together. We wondered about some of the main people in the video so we asked Roberto to tell us a bit about some of the people in the video.

Intro by Roland Hoogwater.
Text by Roberto Aleman.

Hey Roberto, can you tell us a bit about Tania Cruz?

One thin is, she will take the gnarliest slam and will get up like nothing ever happened… Tania is thought as a bull.

What about Duban Machuca?

He is calm and quiet until he lays his eyes on the gnarliest spot, then he changes into hammer-mode automatically. After he lands the trick… like a flick of the switch he goes back to being calm.

Sounds like a silent killer! What is the one thing that Pedro Roseiro is responsible for?

He is the only person on the team allowed to cut the Jamón*!

And lastly, the dude who has just put out a full part, Rafa Cort:

He is the only one in the team that fucks up the jamón… but he did it sneakily when everyone was fast asleep.

Thank you Roberto!

No problem!

*Jamón Iberico is a dry-cured ham that is globally recognized as a symbol of Spanish culture, and from now on it is also known as the title of this video.


We just got a mail from Sicily and, as always, it contained some good news. Mauro Caruso & Patrick Frunzio discovered the “Grand Hotel Lido” and brought Martino Cattaneo, Aref Koushesh and Jacopo Carozzi along on the abandoned terrain. What a crazy spot! Read more about it:


I guess it could sound strange and weird to compare California and Siciliy ways of life…

But, for a good long period, these two areas, as far enough as similar to each other, had something in common.

It’s a particular type of architecture, that first in America, then all along Sicilian coasts, had an important development right after World War 2.

We are talking about the raising of seaside resorts, “villages for the beaches”, those places born to satisfy the desire of that middle-class average human being to escape from the everyday boring jobs and life, to sprint themselves straight into this limbo of channeled fun.

This new business got in the mindset of lots of Sicilian contractor’s, and soon enough Sicily was full of these new type of villages.

Our attention fell into one of these places, full Azzurro-sky color, thanks to some pics found on the web of some kids going around inside this kind of swimming pool, incredible, not typical for this island at all.

Useless to say it, here it’s where the Club checked-in once again: call the crew, a mission to check if that was real or not, a few chats with the neighborhoods to check if it was all good, and a few friends from north Italy ready to smash it with us.

Unfortunately that’s the other side of the medallion…people here are really calm and friendly, but any situation can turn the complete opposite any second for any reasons, especially when, after some research, you find out the long claws of the Black Hand had found its way to land on that structure as well, till the place got totally shut down many years ago; we really just wanted to skate and not ended up face to face with some Scarface kids.


The hardest thing was to find a cheap vehicle to go around, but luckily, we managed to borrow our friend Gionni’s car for free…the fact that it didn’t have all the documents to be driven around and that it would only start by pushing it, that’s another story, and you know you always need that pepper in life to get the right taste.

Skating that place was both cool and a bit sad: first of all, it doesn’t happen every day to be able to find and skate something like that in Sicily, but at the same time it’s sad to see a structure with that potential, culturally and architecturally, ended up like that.

An eco of 90’s piano-bar music goes around the air and send us straight to those days when people were still believed to have a different future than the one built on a sand castle.

After I have been absent for almost a year, I am more than happy to take up my work again at my beloved Placemag. And to start things off by posting a clip of my treasured friend Romain Batard is more than I could have asked for. As it is with every Batard-edit, Giddy #6 provides playful skateboarding at its best, where Romain makes even the smallest tricks look great through his classic Century MK1.

Featuring Rémy Taveira, Felipe Bartolome, Oscar Candon, Joseph Biais, Roger Gonzalez, Mickaël Germond, Alastair Pathé, Charles Giron, Edouard Depaz, Denis Lynn, Morgan Katomba, Lilian Fev, Roland Hoogwater, Danny Sommerfeld, Martino Cattaneo, Guillaume Colucci, Masaki Ui, Tom O’Reilly, Igor Fardin, Casey Brown, and Conor Charleson.

Special greetings go out to you Romain & Edouard. Hope to see you guys soon. Yours, Placemagpaule.