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If you think that Sondre & Amandus are only staying in their comfort zone then you are wrong. Just recently we caught Amandus at the Vans Park Series in Malmö getting a free burger, how about that? Watch our SOTY’s skate the U.S.A. & Canada –  S/O to Junkyard!

One of our Soty’s just dropped half-a-part for State Footwear.
He sung his own song, his brother filmed it and he himself did the editing! Everything the Mortensen’s seem to do is a family affair. Enjoy!

The way Malte Spitz is using the skateboard is nothing but aesthetic. Skating for Radio Skateboards, he found himself in just the right balance of good and evil – in a very positive way, as a matter of course. Next to Radio, he recently got on State Footwear. Thank you and congratulations,Malte. Always a pleasure! Filmed by Dan Schulz.