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The wait is finally over we finally got a substantial amount of Chewy Cannon and Darius Trabalza footage. Grey does it the right way and shows us London the way we like to see it.

Dan Fisher Eustance, Cameron Gooden, Nelly Mayele, Benny Fairfax, Chewy Cannon, Taylor Lewis, Valentine Katz, Jin Shimizu, Darius Trabalza, Jake Royal and Glen Fox.

Over here in our office we have been quietly following the rise of Yardsale and it certainly has been somewhat of a meteoric rise. From their early videos that were in a sense riding the Bronze 56k wave, up until this moment where both their newest collection of products and the video element have risen to a new level. We hope the brand will develop further and keeps surprising us like they did with this one.

Featuring skateboarding by: Curtis Pearl, Sam Sitayeb, Darius Trabalza, Kyle Wilson, Sam Robots and Julian Kimura.


Video by Daniel Kreitem.

Vans Syndicate und Slam City Skates feiern mit ihrem gemeinsamen Modell “Derby” das insgesamt 23te Release der Premiumline von Vans. Der Schuh kommt in feinstem Full Grain Leather, mit Wing Tip Design, Polyurethan Fußbett samt ImpactSorb Gel Pad an der Ferse und natürlich in limitierter Auflage. Wie sich der Schuh sich auf dem Skateboard macht, seht ihr in diesem Clip mit Chris Pulman, Paddy Jones, Sam Hughes, Jamie Arghh, Olly Todd, Darius Trabalza, Jacob Sawyer, Andrew Khosravani, Rob Mathieson und Curtis Pearl.

Erhältlich ist das gute Stück hier.