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You have to give credit where credit is due and What Youth has been killing it lately! This video portrait is about a PLACE office favorite, namely Benjamin Deberdt and we can tell you they got the vibe just right. This video makes us feel like we are back in the Liveskateboardmedia offices talking to the man himself.

Mr. Deberdt has a long history in skating so it is only right that he gets the shine he deserves. This video doesn’t only portrait the man in his natural habitat but it also introduces a new group of people to Benjamin’s work.

What Youth just released this mini-documentary in which Remy talks about a plethora of themes, ranging from sharing a board with his brother, quitting school on a whim and skating historical monuments.

As a bonus, you get Clem and some Mark Suciu to boot.

Fairly Normal Remy Taveira from What Youth on Vimeo.

The good people over at What Youth just released another episode of their ongoing Fairly Normal series. This time, it’s all about Kevin Terpening, who talks about growing up in Ohio and moving to Los Angeles, the Alien Workshop and Fucking Awesome. Pretty interesting:

Watch out for Kevin’s HUF part coming soon. To get you hyped, here’s the teaser: