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Kraków has a great skate scene and in general, Poland is buzzing with exciting new talent. Let’s give a shoutout to Live Skateboard Media for supporting this Polish effort and let’s see what is next.

Our friends over at Live Skateboard Media have a new part of the Polish masterpiece “Neverwhere” up now. Besides the Chilean Prince’s skateboard moves they also have a nice interview up with Kuba who is behind both the lens and the vision for “Neverwhere”

Check out both the part and the interview here.

What can you really say about Noah Bunink? He walks the walk and he talks the talk, he is the kind that even when he drops his board the line continues and if you were ever out skating with him you know that a line can change slightly from try to try!

It is a pretty bad cliché but you need to see young Bunink skate live because video doesn’t do him justice unless you install a 24-hour webcam. Enjoy this Live Skateboard Media remix!

You have to give credit where credit is due and What Youth has been killing it lately! This video portrait is about a PLACE office favorite, namely Benjamin Deberdt and we can tell you they got the vibe just right. This video makes us feel like we are back in the Liveskateboardmedia offices talking to the man himself.

Mr. Deberdt has a long history in skating so it is only right that he gets the shine he deserves. This video doesn’t only portrait the man in his natural habitat but it also introduces a new group of people to Benjamin’s work.

Our friends in France just released this little video full of cool young kids that you may or may not know from Supreme’s latest release. Whatever the case you should check this out so you can familiarize yourself with the future as shot by Augustin Giovannoni a.k.a. Nnoni!

Croukette / PREMIERE from Live skateboard media on Vimeo.

Photo by Augustin Giovannoni