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Welcome to Malmö: a seaport type of city. It’s the third city in Sweden but the first when it comes to riding a skateboard and it basically morphed into it because of its inhabitants. They are proud of their city and rightfully so.

“Some spots only become a spot once somebody manages to do a trick on them.” Danijel “Jugga” Stankovic said, looking at Sondre & Amandus Mortensen.

We proudly present to you this film by Leon Rudolph feat.: Jugga, Sondre & Amandus, Ville Wester, Elias Mensi, Samuel Norgren, John Dahlquist, Santiago Sasson, Tom Botwid, Koffe Hallgren & Sarah Meurle. 

Going to Sweden in December just sounds about right, doesn’t it? Well, we had unfinished business in Malmö, or in other words we really wanted to show everyone the result of our project we started in August. As we left Berlin we had about 250 magazines with us and a USB with the Malmö film. We dropped the magazines at the Bryggeriet Gymnasium and build a little exhibition corner with the big help of our man Nils Svensson. I don’t want to spoil the whole story but of course we ended up singing Karaoke. All photos by Conny Mirbach.

Big S/O to Bryggeriets Gymnasium.  The Magazine will be send to a selected range of shops next week.

Der Frühling ist langsam aber sicher da und eigentlich ist es auch schon zu warm für Beanies – die haben Post Hats & Details aus Kopenhagen zwar auch im Programm, aber eben auch freshe Shirts und Kappen. Die komplette Range ist im neuen Lookbook zur Spring/Summer 2014 zu sehen. Bittesehr.